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Ghee is one of the most sacred and healing foods described by the ancient Ayurvedic texts. It is made by a simple process of gently simmering cultured butter to remove potential allergens such as casein and lactose. What remains is the pure delicious butter oil, described as conferring good health and longevity.

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One of the traditional processes of making ghee involves culturing the cream before churning it into butter and then clarifying it into ghee. Astron Herbal Organic Cultured Ghee is made by following this age-old and time-honored practice. The result is a delightfully aromatic ghee with a slight tangy flavor characteristic of cultured foods. And as always, Astron Herbal ghee is made from milk obtained only during the spring and fall when the cows are on the pasture.
Why Cultured Ghee? Milk contains lactose, a natural sugar which gives it that delicate sweet taste. In order for the body to breakdown lactose, an enzyme called lactase must be present. Many people lack this valuable enzyme in their digestive system causing a common digestive problem known as lactose intolerance. In order to metabolize lactose, lactase must always be present. During the culturing of milk or cream, lactose is converted into lactic acid. This makes for a much more digestible product for many people. Remember, generally ghee does not cause a problem with lactose intolerance. This is because during the ghee making process, the lactose is removed even if the butter used to make the ghee was not made from fermented cream. Cultured Ghee is known as Desi Ghee in India, where the word desi means prepared with indigenous method.
Please note that this product is not a source of live and active cultures.
Made from the milk of pasture raised cows, Astron Herbal Cultured Ghee is Certified Organic and made without added salt, preservatives, dyes, or MSG. Each jar of this golden ghee is gluten-free and can stand in for oil in most savory recipes.
Packaged in a glass jar.

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